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Skinny Rules Challenge Day 4: No more white flour!


Wheat (Photo credit: Big Grey Mare ~ Almost, but not quite caught up!)

This is my fourth day of my attempt to incorporate Bob Harper’s Skinny Rules into my daily eating/living habits, one rule at a time.

Todays rule: Slash your intake of refined grains and flours!  This is a toughie for me, the lover of all that is carbs.  Bob Harper goes into a detailed explanation of why you shouldn’t eat refined flours or grains, especially in the amounts that we eat them today.  When they process wheat, they take out all the good parts that have fiber and nutrients and other good stuff.  White breads, pastas and rice are all broken down to the point that they are essentially empty calories.  I’m obviously exhausted right now and too tired to really know what I’m talking about. But you get the point: No more white bread (baguettes!), pastas (ravioli! Lasagna!) or rice (the asian inside me dies a little each day!).

Basically, you should eat whole grains.  If you are nutritionally challenged, like me, you’re like “ok, but what the heck is a whole grain anyways, and isn’t my wheat bread healthy?”  NO.  NO, says Bob Harper!  Most “wheat” breads are made with refined wheat flour! So even though they say they are healthy, they are not!  If you do eat bread, you have to eat bread made with 100% whole wheat flour as the first ingredient.  “wheat flour” is not the same as “100% whole wheat flour”.  Who knew?  Luckily, I found a brand called Alpine Valley that sells 100% whole wheat bread at costco!  With organic everything and no artificial sweeteners, score!  And, it actually tastes way better than the fake “wheat” bread I’ve been eating!  (no I’m not paid for this, I’m just excited to find something healthy and tasty.  It’s the little things in life, folks).

Grains, the largest food group in many nutriti...

Grains, the largest food group in many nutrition guides, includes oats, barley and bread. Cookies, however, are categorized as sugars. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just found a website going into full detail on what whole grains are and how you can tell what is what.  Apparently, I thought I was being super healthy by eating barley, but since it’s “pearled barley”, it’s not a whole grain? Damn!  Well, it’s still better than white rice and super filling.

I did pretty good with the other rules today, except drinking water before every meal.  I didn’t get a lunch break (surprise), and couldn’t fill up my water bottle all day! Parched! But drank a lot of water when I got home.

Breakfast was a smoothie with greek yogurt, almond milk, berries.  Lunch was chicken breast sandwich (whole wheat bread!) and a cucumber.  Snack was Kashi whole grain crackers with kale/spinach yogurt dip and some bell peppers.  Dinner I had black bean and corn salad  (recipe coming soon I hope) with turkey meatballs as a lettuce wrap.  Then I had 2 dates!  Not too bad!

Tomorrow:  Eat 30-50 grams of fiber a day


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