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Skinny Rules Challenge: Day 1, Rule 1

Water Bottle in the Airport

Water Bottle in the Airport (Photo credit: Leo Newball, Jr.)

I am currently starting a 20 day challenge to follow Bob Harper’s “Skinny Rules”, one rule at a time.  Today is the first day, and I’m glad the rule was fairly easy.

Rule #1: Drink a large glass of water before every meal.

Well, I thought it was easy! I was home today and drank a ton of water.  However, when it came to meal time, I would get so excited and just start eating.  Every time, a few bites in, I would say “oh no my rule!” and run to get a huge glass of water.  I ended up drinking the water with my meal, which I think is ok.  The point is to stay hydrated, and fill yourself up before the meal so you don’t overeat.

Also, I went shopping for healthy foods and prepped a ton of healthy proteins!  I crock potted some chicken breasts to chunk and eat this week with veggies, salad, sandwiches etc.  I made a double batch of turkey meatballs to eat for dinner and throughout the week.  I also made my own hummus (amazing!) with only a tiny bit of olive oil so it’s healthier than the store bought kind (and cheaper–the ingredients are literally 1 can of garbanzo beans, lemon juice, olive oil and  a little tahini! probably cost me like 2 bucks :)) I also boiled a batch of eggs for high protein snacks.  Last but not least, I made some barley for the first time.  It’s actually really good!  It’s kind of sweet by itself, but was great with the meatballs and sautéed squash.  Whew!  It actually didn’t take too much work to make all of that, and I won’t have time or energy to cook all week.  So, now I’m set to eat healthy for a while! I think the major challenge will be the weeks after I have school.  (I have school all weekend every other weekend, making the week after really hard because I have no personal time for laundry, cooking, resting, etc).

Overall I think I did well today with my rule.  I forgot to drink the water BEFORE my meals, but I think the more I do it the more it will become a habit.  I drank a TON of water today, either way.  I also bought one of those brita water bottles so I can always have filtered water when I’m on the go!

Tomorrow: Rule # 2, Don’t drink your calories!  Yikes, no coffee creamer 😦


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