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Skinny Rules Challenge: Day 2


Starbucks (Photo credit: wZa HK)

I am on day 2 of following Bob Harper’s “Skinny Rules”, one rule at a time.

Today’s Rule (Rule #2):  Don’t drink your calories!

This rule is pretty self explanatory.  Don’t drink a bunch of sugary drinks, because it adds to your calories and therefore makes you fatter! Nobody ever skipped lunch because they had a frappucino. (Nor should you!)  Bob Harper goes in to how our bodies aren’t built to digest all that refined sugar and it makes sense really. For me, the hardest part of this is MY MORNING COFFEE.  I have been drinking coffee since I was twelve, and worked at a coffee shop from 16-24.  Yeah, I love coffee.  Almost as much as I used to love cigarettes.  I used to drink it with no sugar, just cream.  But the boyfie likes those coffee mate creamers, so I’ve gotten hooked on those too!  Bob Harper says to cut out the milk all together, or use nonfat milk or almond milk if you must.  Sorry Bob, that ain’t happening. (Can you tell I might have a love/hate relationship with him over the next 20 days?)  I subbed the creamer for non-fat 1/2 and 1/2 with a tiny drizzle of Agave.  Yum! I can actually taste the coffee instead of just sugar.  This is going to work out fine. I know the non-fat 1/2 &1/2 has weird chemicals in it that I probably shouldn’t drink, but it has way less sugar and calories than the other stuff.

The only other drink other than water that I sometimes indulge in is diet soda.  These are a no go, which is fine, because they really make me feel weird and then I get addicted to them, quickly!  So, just water and unsweetened iced tea from now on.  BTW, did you know that at Starbucks, even if you get your tea “unsweetened”, it still has sugar?  A venti has like 120 calories!  Annoying.  Stick to hot tea if you are there, or go to coffee bean where they actually  make real iced tea and don’t add sugar.

I was way better with the water with every meal today, too! I drank a ton of water 🙂  I can foresee problems with this when I’m at a school working, because I don’t usually get any breaks except my lunch break.  Better learn to hold it!

My eating was good today too.  Nonfat greek yogurt with berries and whole wheat toast for breakfast, Barley, shredded chicken, seaweed salad with avocado and home made tahini sauce for lunch, apple, cucumbers and hummus and a hardboiled egg for snack.  Dinner was 4 turkey meatballs with a bunch of cauliflower and more tahini sauce.  Ok, when I type it all out like that it looks like a lot.  But I feel good about it! Not all full and gross like usual.  Had a few cravings for crappy food when driving by all the restaurants on the way home, but no biggie.  I got this!

Tomorrow: Eat lots of protein with every meal!


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