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Favorites for September

Here are some of my favorites/obsessions from the past month!



Japadog (Photo credit: sean lancaster)

Weird hot dogs with crazy Japanese toppings!  I haven’t been to one but I’m fairly obsessed.  I know I would love it.  Make one in LA and I will go to there!

I can’t decide if I want the one pictured, with seaweed and japamayo, or one with croquette, or the one with kimchi!  And also, seaweed fries?  Yes please!  Maybe there is a reason to visit Canada after all…

Okonomiyaki or Japanese Pancakes 

Ok, it’s safe to say I’m just actually obsessed with Japanese Mayonnaise, slathered all over all sorts of fried delicious things.  Such as chewy, savory pancakes filled with cabbage, onions and whatever else you like! I actually did try these this month and I AM IN LOVE.  If fried things that are both sweet, mayonnaise-y and incredibly salty are not your deal, then just keep on walking, mister.

Cute Hipster Moustache iPhone cases

Not sure if I could really pull one of these off, but I’m definitely considering ordering the octopus one!

Skinnytaste Turkey Meatballs

I have been making these once a week and eating with pasta, barley, seaweed salad, or on a sandwich!  Healthy and tasty, a dieter’s staple.  And a good way to use up my plethora of zucchini from the garden.


Eggplant (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bhangan Bhartha If all the eggplant in my garden hadn’t died, I would be making loads of this!  I love the smoky, spicy, rich eggplant dish that is a favorite at any indian restaurant.  I can’t wait to try out this recipe!!

Miso Eggplant  While we’re on the subject of eggplant, I’m madly in love with Japanese miso eggplant. (I guess I’m just feeling japanese food lately!) This recipe looks amazing, and I also made a pretty good miso eggplant-tofu stir fry!

Kelp Noodles  I know, I know, it sounds super weird.  But they are delicious!  They are great cold and crunchy in a salad, or even with turkey meatballs and tomato sauce!  The only downside is they have no fiber as compared to pasta.  But ONLY 6 CALORIES A SERVING?  I’ll have 3!


And finally, a really important, serious, artsy one!  Julia Kozerski’s art is inspiring, feminist and body positive.  She lost 160 lbs in a year and chronicled photos of her changing body in changing rooms.  It’s real and raw, and her triumph is also a sad inability to recognize the person in the mirror.   I also like her other work, Tag, where she flashes images from tumblr that she found by searching tags of “beautiful”, “perfect” and “sexy” on the wall and tries to match her body to the image. It’s a really haunting video that reminds me of how we all compare ourselves to images we see, and we never match up! Check her out, it’s heartbreaking how honest her work is!


Well, that’s all for now folks! I’ll have more things to post about some day, I promise!


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