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Skinny Rules Challenge Day 3: Eat your Protein!

I am 3 days in to a 20 day challenge to learn to eat healthily by following Bob Harper’s Skinny Rules, 1 day at a time.

Today’s Rule: Eat Protein with every meal.

Well I usually do that, but by eliminating most forms of carbs (processed grains), you end up eating a lot more protein anyways.  I’ve been into high protein diets since high school when my family all went on the Atkins diet.  I lost tons of weight! Then I gained it all back!  However, I did learn that eggs, cheese and meat can be very filling snacks.  I don’t think atkinsers can eat nuts because of the carbs.  Anyways, I also find that if I eat sugary snacks like granola bars, they usually make me hungrier and feel really crappy.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to have diabetes problems later in life because I’m really blood sugar  sensitive.  If I eat fruit or something sugary on an empty stomach, it makes me feel all light headed, tired, and hungrier than before!

Bob Harper says you should eat half as many grams of protein as you weigh.  So, if you weigh 200 lbs you should eat 100 grams of protein a day.  He has no real reason or scientific basis for this and freely admits that.  From personal experience I agree that it’s important to eat tons of protein as much as possible so I don’t get hungry and over eat.  Plus I think it’s harder to over indulge in proteins.  It’s super easy to eat a giant bag of chips/crackers/bread etc.  Rarely am I ever like “oh yeah, gimme some more eggs!”  enough is enough.

I’m pretty happy with my plan to introduce the rules slowly.  As the days go by, the previous rules seem easier and like they are just habits.  I drank a TON of water today, I probably refilled my 20 oz brita bottle 4 times at work (12 hour day).  This is easier because it is SO DAMN HOT!  Also, I put even less agave in my coffee this morning and was happy with the result. I forgot that I like coffee for the taste of coffee, not just the sugar that comes in it!  So, I followed 3 out of 3 rules today! Go me!

Protein crystals

Protein crystals (Photo credit: orinoco14)

Today I ate greek yogurt and berries, and a piece of whole wheat toast with hummus and 1/2 slice cheese for breakfast.  Lunch was a chicken breast sandwich on whole wheat bread with avo, tomato and pickles (no cheese or mayo!:)) and a little seaweed salad.  Snack was an apple and a hardboiled egg.  Ate a babybel cheese on the drive home, then had barley, cooked spinach, turkey meatballs and tahini for dinner!  I had the night munchies after, so I ate some cottage cheese with hot sauce. It sounds weird, I know but it’s actually delicious, and high protein!  Last night after I blogged I ate some cheese and crackers so I wanted to stick to the plan today.  I feel successful, and my stomach feels content and not bloated.

I put all my food into SparkPeople calorie calculator, and I ate 98 grams of protein today! Whoa! Way over my goal.  I also stayed around 1300 calories, which is quite impressive for me.

Tomorrow’s Rule: Slashing intake of refined flours/grains.


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