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Santa Cruz

someone forgot something…

If you know me, or anything about me, then posting about Santa Cruz obviously doesn’t count as “travel”.  I lived there for the better part of 10 years and know it inside and out.  As we returned to the small town we once called home, we painfully realized that we have outgrown it in the last year.  However, it is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and if you haven’t been, you should give it a visit!  Here are some photos from my most recent visit.  Enjoy!

Stop by the local bookshop for a good browse, and public bathrooms!

LuLu’s Coffee Shop

People watching on Pacific!

A walk on West Cliff is always amazing.

Unwelcome change: Segway Tours!

Paddle Boarders at work

Chicken Pesto Sandwich from Zoccoli’s Deli! Best Sandwiches in town!

There are tons of farmers markets in the areas.  The Wednesday one downtown has grown quite large!



 Oyster Shooters are fresh, salty and delicious!

this pretty much sums up Santa Cruz for me.  Visit someday, you’ll love it.  If you like the beach, hippies, the forest, fresh food and amazing views!

Places to eat/drink

Delicious italian sandwiches hot and cold.  My favorites are chicken pesto, italian club, meatloaf, chicken parmesan, etc.  You get the idea.

Mostly cocktails.  Champagne cocktails, elderflower wine cocktails, mojitos, y mas!  The fries are also good.  I wouldn’t order the fish, as it always smells a little fishy which is never a good sign.

A little over priced and condescending, but extremely filling guilt free vegan fare.  Dessert was to die for.

There’s plenty of other places to go but these are where I went on this trip that really stood out.  Anywhere with a patio and happy hour is a winner in my book!



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