Here are some of my long and short term goals!  Being a mini behavior analyst, I will keep definitions as specific as possible to better measure my progress!

Long Term goals:

1.  Lose 30 lbs.  I know weight loss is a slow, steady process so I will say within one year to give my body time to adapt to the changes I will have to make to accomplish this goal.

2.  Complete a race.  5k will be good to start!

3. Perfect my yoga splits! (yes, big girls can have dreams).  I know this seems like a silly goal but it’s just something I want to work on.  I have extremely tight hips and the splits are painful and difficult–little by little!

4. Learn to love my body no matter what size.

Short term/Daily goals:

1. Drink at least 5 cups of water/day

2. Workout or yoga 5x/week

3.  Take each meal and each decision seriously.  All calories count!

4.  Learn to eat to nourish and heal my body.  Stop eating things that make me feel gross and shameful.

5. This goes along with my long term goal of running a race, but that means I have to start running!

6. Track calories and stay within my limit at least 5x/wk.

I will update this list as goals change or when I reach them!


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