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Kettlebell cardio shred!

Work out today: Bob Harper Kettlebell cardio shred video.

Usually I do workout videos because I don’t have a gym membership and when left to my own devices, I wouldn’t work out very hard at all!  I invested in a kettle bell and a few workout videos.  I try to mix it up and sometimes swap moves just to keep it new and fresh.  Honestly, I usually do workouts while watching tv because it keeps my mind off of the time and watching the clock.  I totally miss having a gym membership and the options that come with it (classes, pool, machines, HOT TUB!).  Right now I don’t have one because I haven’t found a gym I like that’s close enough to my house that I would actually go.  It’s a luxury some people take for granted!  We checked out LA fitness that is maybe 10 minutes away, but it was kind of nasty.  Old machines, dirty locker room etc.  Plus I don’t really like the set up of everybody watching every body.  And the hot tub was co-ed! no thanks!  Anyways, for now I am working out at home which is more convenient for me.  Less response effort means I will be more likely to engage in the response! Hurray!


The Bob Harper DVD is pretty intense.  Tons of kettlebell swings, cleans, presses etc.  Cardio intervals of high knees, burpees, and yes, even more swings.  Lots of lunges with the kettle bell and even more! The video finishes with a pretty standard set of ab exercises: Crunches, twists and bicycles.   

I’m working on my form.  Kettlebells can really hurt you if you don’t use them correctly.  I learned this the hard way when I first tried them and immediately pulled my back!  I suggest taking it slow, and watching lots of tutorials on youtube and any other videos you can find before starting.  Even so, all the swings usually hurt my lower back.  Today, I concentrated on keeping my back straight and tightening my abs when I came back up. I also tried to completely ignore my arms and only focus on my lower half.  Seems like it worked because my back’s not sore!
After, bonus yoga stretches! 2 sun salutations, plus a couple minutes of pigeon pose on each side.  Then I tried to work on my splits but it hurt real bad!  Think I need to warm up my hips more before going into the splits.

Overall, a good workout! Hard at first and I was really tired.  I probably should have eaten some protein first!  Tomorrow: I think I’ll try to go for a run and swim at huntington beach!


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