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I am a girl who has struggled with her weight all her life.  I am writing this blog to help motivate myself to stay on track, stay healthy, and love my body.  This is my skin, and it is perfect the way it is!  I love food, especially food blogs and photos. If you  find any good ones, please share!  I also love yoga, swimming, hiking and wish I was a runner.  I fancied myself to be a creative person at one point in my life, but here I am in grad school for SCIENCE!  Specifically, Applied Behavior Analysis.  I work with children with special needs teaching them new skills and eliminating their harmful behaviors.  I am taking a behavioral approach to my weight loss because 1) it will work and 2) if I can help kids stop banging their heads and biting themselves, then I can help myself stop eating too much.

I am writing this blog to further my journey towards a healthy lifestyle.  I might not always succeed at making the right choices, but I will try, try again!  You can find info on my eating habits (not great right now but work in progress), work outs, travel, favorite recipes and overall favorite things!  Hope you enjoy!


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  1. I’m always proud of and inspired by people who are motivated and willing to grow and improve themselves, regardless how they decide to do it. All the best on your road forward! Keep positive, and enjoy the journey you’re on!

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