Skinny Rules Challenge: Rule 7 & 8

I am just counting the rules now since the days got messed up because I took 2 days off for school!

Yesterday: Rule 7: No carbs after lunch!

I don’t like this rule. Not one bit!  Bob Harper doesn’t dedicate too much time to his explanation of the rule, saying it’s bad to eat any form of sugar (carbs) too much, and your body needs to regulate its blood sugar so you shouldn’t eat carbs more than a couple times a day?  I don’t really get it.  But, I made my own challenge so I will abide by it. Or try…

I looked at his meal plans and he includes fruit (apples,berries) in the afternoon snacks.  So I guess it’s ok to eat fruit at snack but not dinner or after?  That’s good!  Last night I made a turkey and summer vegetable gratin (kind of) that has zucchini, eggplant, and turkey, onion and tomatoes.  I did put a little (just a little!) panko on top with some mozzarella and parmesan.  It was tasty but not super filling so I ended up eating a lot.  Today I ate that leftover with a whole portabella sautéed which was also delicious! But about an hour later I was hungry and munchie again.  I ate a bowl of cottage cheese for snack, drank a big glass of water and felt better.

I feel like when I was eating carbs at dinner, but the whole grain barley or pita, I would be full from dinner and stop eating.  Tonight and last night I was hungry and wanted to graze! Plus, since I’m not eating carbs at night I’ve been eating them for lunch (squash and lentil goat cheese salad!) which makes me sleepy.  I don’t know, Bob Harper, I don’t know.  I’m gonna keep it up for now but ultimately, if I overeat at night isn’t it better to just eat a little grains with dinner to keep me full?

Today: Rule 8: Read your food labels!

I’ve been working on this skill for some time.  Those bastards are so tricky!  Serving sizes are small (that healthy lunch salad or wrap at Trader Joe’s? It’s 2 servings!) and lead to overeating.  High protein, high fiber, low(er) fat, low sodium foods are best.  Guess what foods fit that label?  Whole foods!  I didn’t really have to read any labels today because I made all my food–breakfast smoothie + cottage cheese for breakfast, lentil squash salad + chicken breast + lettuce + tahini sauce (home made) for lunch, apple + bell peppers + home made hummus for snack, and veggie/turkey gratin, portabella mushroom and more cottage cheese for dinner!  Only the cottage cheese was not home made! Pretty good.  The basic rule is, if there’s a million ingredients, it’s probably over processed, full of fat, salt and sugar and you shouldn’t eat it.  Also, if there is a sweetener (any kind!) in the first 5 ingredients, don’t buy it. But that’s tomorrow’s rule!

I guess what I’m learning through this process is that it’s not THAT hard to eat healthy.  I spend a few hours prepping/shopping on the weekend, and then I haven’t been cooking during the week!  I am getting used to filling up on veggies and getting to know my whole grains.  I feel better, my skin doesn’t feel as oily and I have more energy.

The most important rules to me so far are not eating refined grains or sugars.  Big difference in my eating, no white bread, rice or pasta.  But I find myself less hungry and with more stable blood sugar during the day. (I don’t fly into a fit of rage by 6 pm when dinner’s not ready).  So far, so good!  Let’s see how long I can keep it up.

Tomorrow: Rule 9: no more added sweeteners!


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