Favorites for August

Hey, everyone else does favorites lists, so why can’t I?  I have spectacular taste, so I should share links of it to the world, right?  After a wonderful/terrible weekend traveling back to Santa Cruz (and back again next week!)  I need some things to make me smile.

This is the best music video ever. period! And believe me, I’m learning the dance.

This is also quite good. Amazing editing!

These rose shaped biscuits.

These floral Sunglasses. 

Anything Frida.

This luxury hotel in Dhara Devi, Thailand




ramen! I am obsessed

Japanese maid cafes.  

Breaking Bad.  Walter White is the man who knocks.

I used to have a french press like this, that boils its own water.  I miss it so!

I also heart Santigold and have since always.

Well that’s it for now, more next time!

I feel gross from traveling and eating/drinking too much. Tomorrow, I will get my life back together!  Until them, Gangnam style!  (see link #1)


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