Run #2…keep it going.


So, went for run (jog) # 2 today!  Wanted to go to Huntington, but on the way decided to stop by seal beach to see if it was a good spot to run, a little closer to home.  Well, as you can tell by my route I had a little trouble finding a good place to go.  I like HB because it’s a straight, paved path right next to the beach that goes on for a while.  Seal beach doesn’t really have that, so I ended up walking a bit and then just running on the sidewalks in the neighborhood right next to the beach!  Which was actually just fine.  It was pretty, and flat, and fairly empty which I liked.  The houses were amazing! I want to move there! haha yeah right.

It was really hard at first but got easier at the end.  I ran four 5 minute intervals, walking 2 minutes (more in the first one because I was kind of lost in a parking lot) between. The last interval I did 6 minutes just to make myself.  Then I did a 1 minute sprint!  I wanted to do one more, but then I was over it.  Walked back to my car and stopped to do some stretching on some grass in a mini park.  Overall, it was a good run.  Unfortunately, now I am starting to feel the familiar ache of the runner’s nemesis, SHIN SPLINTS!  GRRRRR I HATE SHIN SPLINTS!  So I am icing, stretching, and relaxing.

I really need to find somewhere to run closer to home.  I live in a pretty sketchy neighborhood and don’t feel comfortable running around here by myself really.  I know myself and when it’s crunch time (aka I’m working 40 + hours and doing school full time! Soon! I don’t want it to come back!) I won’t have the time/energy/motivation to drive 20 minutes each way for a run.  I guess I do need to get out of my comfort zone, but also I don’t want to run in the hood.  There I said it.  So til next time, I’ll be icing my shins and drinking lots of water! It’s freaking hot!


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