first run in over a year!

I did it!  I went to HB and ran for the first time in over a year!  I was actually better than I thought!  Pretty slow (obviously) but I ran for over 7 minutes without stopping right off the bat!  That’s pretty good for me, when I started running a few years ago I started with the run one minute, walk one minute plan.  Today I ran for 7, walked 2, ran 5, walked 3, ran 5, and then walked back to my car.  Didn’t make it into the water for a swim because there was a big rip tide and the lifeguards kept running into the water to haul people out.


My legs are super sore, but I feel great!  I got that runners high and I feel really strong and proud.  I might be slow, but hey, for me this counts as a win!




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2 responses to “first run in over a year!

  1. Awesome Job!

    Running like that is great and if you keep at it you will get stronger and stronger.

    • jojo303

      Thanks! Goin again tomorrow, although after reading your blog I might have to change the title to “first jog in a year”!

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